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Felted purse pattern
Felted Purse
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#1    350 yds. AND  56 yds. for bottom panel
           A     B              C              D              E
#2    White       Brown       Blue        Green        Pink 
       175 yds.    38 yds.     62 yds.     23 yds.     51 yds.
#3    Black       Green         Pink       Orange     Cobalt
       160 yds.    28 yds.      62 yds.    20 yds.      50 yds.

  BOTTOM PANEL: 56 yds. not included with above color
                                choices for #2 and #3
  #1—78 yds. and  #2—68 yds. Beige Tussah Silk

Felted Purse Pattern, three designs in one pattern.
      #1 Solid Flapped                  #2 Mosaic Flapped                #3 Open Mosaic

#2                 #1        #3
Design 2 Felted Purse, Swag and Mosiac
#3 Felted Purse Open Mosaic Design
Design 3 Felted Purse flapped and swagged
You will need:
a long weekend
—410 yds worsted weight feltable yarn, 78 yds worsted weight  
   nonfeltable yarn, see yarn chart to right.
—size 10.5 needles for bag, size 6-8 for swag circular or straight,
   the bag is knitted in straight rows and then sewn up the sides
small crochet hook for beads (if desired), and sewing needle.
*Feltable yarn = natural animal fiber, like sheep and alpacas,
that has not been superwashed or treated. If the label says "washable" it will not felt. 
As seen in Kathleen Taylor's Knit One, Felt Too
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