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Cabled Fingerless Glove Pattern
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    From the first stitch, you can feel the goodness of Southern Bales organic cotton.  This light weight                                                                           worsted cotton is both gentle to the touch and the wallet! theenvironment.  

Who's been handling 
your fiber?
Southern Bales
100% Combed Organic Cotton 
   5-6 st/in on size 4-6 needles.
Cabled Hat in worsted weight
Beaded Picot Shawl
bales of cotton
With Texas roots, a Carolina spin and a little Georgia twist, this cotton yarn arrived at our house to be packaged for you!
Hand Dyed Colors Available!  
Hand dyed organic cotton yarn
US organic cotton yarn
Stony Hill  
Fiber Arts

or call
 828 817-3096

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Pacolet Valley Southern Bales        
Ball:  4 oz/113 gr/242 yd
Cone: 1lb/ 990 yd
Aprils Hat
dyed organic cotton yarn kits
Yarn Kits for your colorful projects!

3 color combo
62 yards each color

4 color combo
62 yards each color

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