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Fox Fibre Colorganic® Yarn--OUT OF STOCK
Linen Stitch Bag with Sally Fox's yarn
This yarn is the result of the relentless perseverance, untamed curiosity, and
steadfast determination of Sally Vreseis Fox.  After  years of cross breeding
cotton Sally developed a longer staple, naturally colored cotton that could be
mechanically processed. 
   Not stopping there, she went on to establish organic agricultural practices
that produced a sustainable, environmentally sound, colored cotton that is suitable for large scale production.  Ancient fibers with a new twist have been revived, improved and cleanly developed by  Sally Vreseis Fox:  amazing woman, amazing fiber.
Little Linen Stitch Bag
made with Colorganic® Yarn.
Fox Fibre Brown
Fox Fibre Green
Fox Fibre Tan
You can boil the yarn to deepen the colors.  Here are the instructions!
Pick Your Color and Hank Size
This yarn is worsted weight:  840 yards per pound
4-5 stitches per inch on size 6-9 needles
Carded and Spun in North Carolina!

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Sampler Scarf made with Fox Fibre
Sampler Scarf made with Fox Fibre
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