Stony Hill Fiber Art's Mission Statement
Articles of Rumination
  Article 1  
    We seek to create designs that are unique and innovative using a variety of fibers that are pleasing to the touch and gentle on the wallet.   Without the hieroglyphics of abbreviation,  our patterns are painless and require no translation, advanced mathematical interpretation or the ingestion of valium prior to project commencement.  
Article 2
     Our employee philosophy is deeply rooted in the MM&I principle, insomuch as all creative
ventures, production, shipping, marketing and general schmoozing is performed by one person-Cindy Walker.   
    On such occasions as:  festivals, large orders and periods of extended procrastination, amendments to the above listed principle become necessary.   Wherein Stony Hill Sweat Shop swings wide her doors in order to harness the energy of child labor, embrace the fragile hands of the elderly and call forth all favors owed by friends, family and fellow fiber folk. 

Article 3
    Inspired by the FTD ideology (Feed the Dream),  we participate-when necessary-in the manual labor workforce, the food preparation industry, the educational arena and the ebay experience.  For we believe that sucking it up, chopping vegetables, surrounding ourselves with unruly children and cyber marketing mementos is preferable to relinquishing our crafty endeavors.  Endeavors summoned     proportionately  by intuition’s holy hunches, imagination, and sheer stubbornness.

Article 4
    We will “Never mistake motion for action”. --Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)

"To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition...." -- Samuel Johnson

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