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Ian's Hat
Ian's Reversible Fair Isle Cap
This knitting pattern is perfect for the fall weather.  It is light weight and reversible! You will need to know the basics of stranded knitting.  We have videos to here that you might find useful.
Sizes:  Circumference (cap edge at ears) x Depth (tip top of head to cap edge)
           Baby: 15.5” x 5.75”, Toddler 17” x 6”, Child/Small Adult 21” x 7.5”,
           Adult 23” x 8.5”

Materials: 2 contrasting colors of fingering weight yarn:
                (Hat pictured uses our Pacolet Valley Fingering)
  Baby - 1 oz/120 yd of each color (2 oz/240 yd total) 
 Toddler-1 oz/120 yd of each color (2 oz/240 yd total)  
  Child - 1 oz/120 yd of each color + 1 oz/120 yd of crown color (3 oz/360 yd total)
  Adult - 2 oz/120 yd of each color. You can use 1 or both for crown
              color (4oz/420yd total)  

Needles:  Size 2/ 16” circular (you will need 2 of these if you do a provisional cast             on)  and Size 2 Double Pointed - for crown decrease
(Size 1 needle will make a smaller circumference hat without affecting the depth. 
The difference is about 5%, so a 23” hat will come down to a 21.85” circumference)

Gauge:  8 stitches to the inch, 9 rounds per inch in stranded knitting. Drop down a needle size if  necessary - use whatever it takes to get the gauge.  

Know How:  stranded knitting is good to know, check out videos!
Tips: (take ’em or leave ‘em): removable highlighter tape will help to keep your place on the charts, “catching the floats” every 2-3 stitches helps with tension, as will stitch markers!
Leif's hat

You can find more solid and variegated yarn here! 

2 Black, 2 Ecru/Sage + pattern.
 Kit this for $38.00! 
2 Burgandy Brown, 2 Light Blue Gray + pattern! - Kit $32.00
Yarn Colors
3 - 4 oz yarn + pattern
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2 Longrun Cool Shannah, 
2 Warm Shannah + pattern.
 Kit this for $54.00.00!